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Which method would you like to use to protect your vehicle?

GPS TRACKER for cars – with extra strong battery power


Perfect combination of strong battery and small dimensions

  • up to 30 days battery life
  • SOS emergency button
  • Versatile application possibilities
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GPS TRACKER for cars – fixed installation

7 reasons why GPS TRACKER offer the best protection for cars

Our car isn’t only a commercial vehicle, often you got memories attached to it and you won’t just give it away. High value items in the car should also be protected, for example from theft. We have put together a list of 7 reasons for why a CAR TRACKER is so well suited and what our GPS tracker has to offer. If you have further questions about the GPS transmitter for the car, we are happy to help and advise you which of our CAR TRACKER is the right one for you and your application.

1. Theft protection thanks to our CAR TRACKER

In 2016 alone, the police recorded around 30,000 stolen vehicles. The perpetrators are difficult to locate and are rarely caught, often the vehicle owner sits at a high cost. With a GPS Tracker in the car, you can not only track the car, the tracks are also saved. This makes the search for the vehicle easier, also breaks are displayed and the path of the perpetrator is traceable.

2. Abroad

Especially abroad, there is a general risk of theft, but this is particularly about the foreign environment. In order to find your car there, simply attach our GPS TRACKER to the car, locate your vehicle in our app and be safe.

3. Valuables

Both here and on vacation, we often leave items of high value in our car. In order to make sure everything is save in there and also protected against theft, the vibration alarm can be activated. Our GPS TRACKER for cars sends you an information as soon as yout vehicle detects a shock in real time. So you know when someone has tried to move or open your car.

4. Unknown areas

Did you found a faster route to your holiday location, but can not remember it? With the GPS TRACKER you can see all regions and cities and so you always know which route you drove. Breaks are also displayed in the portal or in the app and their duration. Enjoy worldwide GPS tracking for cars.

5. Radar Alarm

With the ONLINE tracking you can define a specific radius yourself. If your vehicle leaves it, an alarm is triggered by our GPS Tracker and a notification is directly sent to your portal and the app. We don’t recommend  to set the radius below 500m. It is possible, but leads to false alarms due to the small radius.

6. In case of an ermergency

If you find yourself in an emergency, quick help is often crucial. But what do I tell an ambulance or the police if I do not know where I am? – Locate your location via the portal app and specify it. The FINDER portal, like Google Maps, includes all street names and house numbers. In addition, many of our GPS TRACKERS are equipped with an SOS button, which sends the information to all stored SOS contacts.

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