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The PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0 by PAJ is the full package for the car and the extension of the current PROFESSIONAL Finder. It is also connected to a 12 to 24-volt battery and can be used continuously. With its external antenna, the PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0’s GPS tracker has an extraordinary signal. With its various functions, its robust metal casing and the extras of the enhanced version, it is perfectly suited for the use in the automobile area.

Highlights of the PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0

  • External, magnetic GPS antenna – easy and quick to mount
  • External GSM antenna – easy and quick to install via an adhesive strap
  • External microphone – good sound quality in the car’s inside
  • Direct connection to car battery (12-24 V); no manual charging required
  • With its small battery, the GPS tracker send a signal as soon as it is disconnected from its power source

Use of the PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0

Following, you can find a list of the preferred uses of the PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0:

  • Car
  • Trucks
  • Transporters
  • Motorhomes

Your advantages with the PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0

The PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0 can be used almost anywhere, where an external battery is accessible.

Because of this, you should buy a PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0.

The PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0 comes with an external antenna (phone signal) and an external GPS antenna. This improves the location tracking enabling tracking in very remote places, too.

Furthermore, the PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0 can be linked to an external battery directly and does not require recharging. Also, the PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0 comes with an external microphone enabling you to listen to the surrounding while monitoring the device.

PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0 + Technische Daten englisch
PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0 PAJ Peilsender transparent
PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0 PAJ Peilsender


Location tracking (live tracking) with location enquiry

In case you have not authorized a telephone number the PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0 will send an SMS to every caller. If you have authorized your telephone number, it will send the information only to your phone after a call. The GPS tracker receives the call and will hang up after two rings. Afterwards, an SMS will be sent as follows:

You may also test this yourself for free. We provide you for free with the „EASY Finder “. Simply call the number below. The SMS is very similar to the one you would receive.

Call monitoring

In this mode, the PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0 picks up the incoming call. Then, you can listen to the surrounding noises and conversations. This microphone is, together with the one in the POWER Finder, our best. If you mainly want to listen to conversations, these two devices are best for you.


Remote control

With the remote control you can de-/activate door, bonnet, vibration, and ignition alarm. For deterrence purposes or in case you are tracking your car, you can activate the alarm via the remote control.

PAJ Fernbedienung

Vibration alarm incl. adhesive strap

With the vibration alarm, you will receive an SMS in case your car is being moved.

PAJ Erschuetterungssensor

Magnetic sensor

This magnetic sensor can be used for a car door, the trunk, or the bonnet. If somebody opens the bonnet unauthorized, you will receive an alarm via SMS. It is also great for transportation in case it must be ensured that the doors stay closed. It is also often used for motorhomes.


Electricity sensor for ignition detector

Note: delivery contains only one electricity sensor. Please choose the correct one below.

With the electricity sensor the ignition status of your car is checked. You will know at any time whether your car is in use. If somebody unauthorized tries to use your car, you will be notified by SMS. Furthermore, this function is very important for the driving log because it eliminates small GPS glitches enabling a seamless tracking of your car only when it is being used.

Before ordering the PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0, check your fuse box for the correct version.


Alarm siren

In addition to the SMS alarm, you can rely on an enhanced deterrence factor with the PAJ siren. The siren sounds together with the door, bonnet, vibration, and ignition alarm.


Micro SD card

The micro SD card is used for tracking memory and backup of the GPS coordinates in case you do not have a GSM signal. With the micro SD card, you can analyse the path driven on your PC. With the micro SD card and the activated log, it is ensured that a backup is kept when no GSM signal is available. The data will be sent automatically. (The log is not part of the delivery. It can be ordered additionally together with the tracking portal).



This button can be placed inside the car. However, it should not be visible to not make a thief suspicious. In case of an emergency when you are in the car you can simply press the SOS button. Up to five telephone numbers can be registered and in case several numbers are registered, all numbers will receive an SMS alarm from the GPS tracker saying „help me “and the current coordinates. This will keep happening until one of authorized telephone numbers will reply with an SMS with the text „help me “.


Alarm when leaving a pre-set perimeter (geo fence alarm)

When the GPS tracker leaves this area, the authorized number receives an alarm.

Movement alarm

Movement alarm is a profound protection from theft. When your car moves, you will receive a message notifying you that your car is moving. Furthermore, you will receive the respective coordinates.

Alarm for breaking speed limits

In case you want to check whether one of your employees or children is breaking a speed limit? Then this is the right function. You will receive an alarm in case the speed limit is exceeded.

Alarm, when PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0 is disconnected from the external power source

This function is especially helpful for boat owners. When the GPS tracker is being disconnected from the external power source, you will immediately receive an alarm to enable you to react in time. To keep you informed about the whereabouts of the boat you will receive an SMS every 3 minutes with the coordinates to the authorized number until the function is deleted. During this phase, the tracker is powered by the internal battery to enable sending signals.


  1. PROFESSIONAL Finder by PAJ incl. integrated 500 mAh battery
  2. GPS antenna incl. magnet
  3. GSM antenna incl. adhesive strap
  4. SOS button
  5. Connection to the car battery (12-24V) incl. cable links and fuse
  6. Connection clip safety for ignition status
  7. Microphone
  8. Alarm siren
  9. Micro SD card
  10. Magnetic sensor
  11. Vibration sensor incl. adhesive strap
  12. 2 remote controls
  13. Manual on USB stick

NOTE: The PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0 works with a regular SIM card in standard size, which is not part of the delivery. This SIM card must be activated and pre-charged. Also, the PIN code must be deactivated. After the purchase, no further costs will be incurred by PAJ. You can simply add a SIM card to your order.


Here you can find possible uses for the PROFESSIONAL Finder 2.0. You do not need to restrain regarding usage, because one use does not exclude the other. Maybe yours is among them.


  • Free, comprehensive and competent advice, before and after the purchase
  • German manufacturer
  • English manual
  • Individual hardware
  • Individual software
  • Individual accessories
  • No risk – you have a 30 day right of cancellation and a 2-year warranty
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