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PAJ has programmed the EASY Finder to avoid long adjustments. Charge the battery, insert the SIM card after PIN deactivation and you are ready to use the tracking function. This version of the Finder specializes in its basic function: localize and track items as easy as possible. To ensure easy use, we recommend a SIM card from E-Plus/O2 (standard size). We recommend prepaid SIM cards.

Highlights of the EASY Finder

  • Easy installation and tracking
  • Small, light, and unsuspicious
  • Flexibly usable – car extension possible
  • Voice transfer

Your advantages with the EASY Finder

The EASY FINDER can be used in almost any location. It protects whatever you love: a person, a pet, your handbag, a car, or the luxury yacht. The FINDER allows the finding of your loved ones and your items in a few steps. How easy and quickly you can find your things with the EASY Finder is shown in the figure below.

The FINDER is versatile product and can help you a lot.

EASY Finder PAJ - Technische Daten
EASY Finder von PAJ - Frontansicht


EASY Finder von PAJ - Frontansicht
EASY Finder von PAJ - Frontansicht

Location sharing via call or SMS

The EASY Finder by PAJ works quickly and easy

  • Insert SIM card
  • Authorize your telephone number
  • Send SMS for location check to the EASY Finder or call the EASY Finder directly
  • The GPS sender will reply with the respective coordinates


Put the FINDER via SMS into the monitor mode and call it. The EASY Finder accepts the call silently. The direct surrounding and words spoken directly into the EASY Finder will be heard clearly.


  1. PAJ EASY Finder
  2. Two 3,7V 1000mAH Li-ion
  3. Charger and wall plug
  4. Charging case
  5. Manual
  6. Pocket with mount for water protection
  7. Second lid with magnets

NOTE: The EASY Finder works with a regular SIM card in standard size, which is not part of the delivery. This SIM card must be activated and precharged. Also, the PIN code must be deactivated. After the purchase, no further costs will be incurred by PAJ. You can simply add a SIM card to your order.


Find useful ways to use your EASY Finder. You do not need to restrain when using it, because one area of use does not limit another. Maybe yours is among them, too.


  • Free, comprehensive and competent advice, before and after the purchase
  • German manufacturer
  • German manual
  • Individual hardware
  • Individual software
  • Individual accessories
  • No risk – you have a 30 day right of cancellation and a 2-year warranty
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