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The EASY Finder 2.0 by PAJ is mainly designed for person tracking and for personal protection. It is for children, adults, or elderly – the EASY Finder 2.0 by PAJ offers the full package. It can be used for manifold activities, e.g. dementia care, security, and personal protection, securing dangerous situations, protection on holiday and many more occasions. In addition to reliable tracking the EASY Finder 2.0 by PAJ comes with a clearly visible and self-explaining SOS button.

Highlights of the EASY Finder 2.0

  • Works with SIM cards from the Telekom and Vodafone network
  • E-Plus and other providers can also be used
  • SOS button with emergency function
  • Small, compact, and easy to handle
  • Metal clasp for mounting to the belt, pocket, personal items, and clothing
  • Compatible with the PAJ tracking portal
  • 3-7 days of battery life in standby mode with 1,000 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Integrated microphone for voice transfer
  • Very precise tracking with excellent GPS and GSM signal
  • Spray water-proof
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Advantages of the EASY Finder 2.0

The EASY Finder 2.0 by PAJ helps finding persons. The most important feature: helpless people can use the SOS button and the authorized telephone number receives an alarm SMS with coordinates and a link to Google Maps. The GPS tracker is small, light, and easy to use. A special feature is the metal clasp, which allows the EASY Finder 2.0 to be mounted to belts, jackets, personal items and clothing. The battery life is 3-7 days with a 1,000 mAh Li-ion battery. An automatic SMS informs about low battery. The EASY Finder 2.0 can be charged with a charging adaptor to every wall plug. Another advantage is the spray water proneness of the Finder. This makes the device usable indoors and outdoors.


  • Location transmittal via call or SMS
  • Insert SIM card
    Authorize your telephone number
    SMS for location check to the EASY Finder 2.0 or call EASY Finder 2.0 directly
    The GPS sender answers with coordinates
  • The front comes with a visible SOS button with self-explaining writing. Push the button for three seconds and the FINDER sends an alarm to the pre-authorized number with information that the person needs assistance at the respective location
  • Microphone
  • Put the FINDER into monitor mode via SMS and call it. The EASY Finder 2.0 accepts the call silently. The surrounding and words which are spoken directly into the FINDER can be understood clearly.


Movement alarm / vibration sensor

The EASY Finder 2.0 comes with a very sensitive movement alarm. You will be informed in time when the GPS tracker or the secured object is moved.

Alarm when leaving a specified perimeter

You can set a perimeter in which the EASY Finder 2.0 may be moved. In case it leaves this perimeter, the authorized telephone number will be contacted via SMS.

Alarm at low battery status

Should the battery of the EASY Finder 2.0 run low, you will receive a message. Hence, you have the possibility to recharge the GPS tracker on time.

Alarm for breaking a speed limit

Do you want to check whether an employee or one of your children is going too fast? Then you will need this function. In case of a break of a pre-set speed limit, you will be notified via SMS.


  1. EASY Finder 2.0 by PAJ
  2. Charging device and USB wall plug adaptor
  3. Manual

NOTE: The EASY Finder 2.0 works with a regular SIM card in standard size, which is not part of the delivery. This SIM card must be activated and precharged. Also, the PIN code must be deactivated. After the purchase, no further costs will be incurred by PAJ. You can simply add a SIM card to your order.


Find useful ways to use your EASY Finder 2.0. You do not need to restrain when using it, because one area of use does not limit another. Maybe yours is among them, too.


  • Free, comprehensive and competent advice, before and after the purchase
  • German manufacturer
  • English manual
  • Individual hardware
  • Individual software
  • Individual accessories
  • No risk – you have a 30 day right of cancellation and a 2-year warranty
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